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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1230PM  NBC  October 4, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm CDT

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thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitrano. if you're just joining us-- stories today. newsradio 620 wtmj's charlie sykes announced he is hanging up the headphones. sykes shared the news with listeners this morning. he's hosted mid-day with charlie sykes for more than two decades...and in his early sixties... he says its time to move on.sykes also hosts sunday insight on today's tmj4. he'll remain on 620 through the end of the two girls are still recovering after being attacked by two dogs last week in brown deer. police will hold a news conference at one this
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release a portion of the dashcam video of the attack. police say two pit bulls mauled the girls near 48th and dean. officers immediately shot and killed one of the dogs.the second dog was taken to be euthanized -- per the owner's milwaukee city leaders are proposing a new law that would eliminate questions about prior criminal history on applications for city jobs. alderwoman chantia lewis thinks "ban the box" gives them a better shot at employment.she'll proposal this afternoon at city hall. this morning was mostly cloudy and cool with patchy fog and lows in the mid 50s, but lower 60s along the lake. today is
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highs near 70, a se breeze, and low humidityhe pick day of the week! clouds increase tonight with lows near 60 and patchy fog. a computer glitch causes confusion over voter registration.the state elections commission sent a mailer about registering to vote to more than one million people last week.but thanks to a computer glitch, some registered voters are receiving the postcard, leading some confused voters to contact their legislators and local clerks.
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seven d-m-v offices across wisconsin-- reveal workers giving inaccurate information about the availability of i-d's for voting. the recordings come after a federal judge ordered the state to investigate whether dmv workers are failing to issue temporary photo identification for voting, as promised. battleground wisconsin...our state about to get more visits as donald trump and hillary clinton campaign for the presidency. former democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders -- who won wisconsin's primary... will campaign for clinton in madison trump's oldest son, donald junior -- will be in brookfield for a rountable discussion. his father donald trump will be back in the badger state this saturday. and hillary clinton's daughter chelsea -- who was also here last week -- will return on monday. details on those visits have not been released. hillary clinton herself has not returned to wisconsin since the primary. in an election year when the focus has been at the top of the major party tickets, the vice-presidential candidates will get their time in the
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and tim kaine will take part in their only debate.scott mclean is at longwood university with a there will be no second chances for the vice- presidential candidates -- tuesday night's event at longwood university in virginia will be their one and only debate.indiana's republican governor mike pence... "i'm looking forward to that debate on tuesday night."and virginia's democratic senator, time kaine..."i'm looking forward to that debate on tuesday night."...have spent the last week preparing.and unlike donald trump's men have been doing mock debates.wisconsin governor scott walker has been helping pence, acting as kaine's stand-in.the trump campaign says pence has been preparing since the day he joined the ticket.kaine has been working with high-profile washington lawyer robert barnett standing in for pence.c-b-s news's elaine quijano will be the first asian-american to moderate a national debate. each segment of the 90-minute event will start with a question -- the candidates will have two minutes to respond.the format is similar to the presidential debate,
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same sky-high ratings.more than 84-million people tuned in to watch donald trump and hillary clinton face-off.the most watched v-p debate to date is the 2008 showdown between then-senator joe biden and then-alaska governor sara palin, which attracted nearly 70 million viewers.there are more more modest expectations for the vp candidates this time around. the v-p debate kicks off at eight tonight and you can watch it right here on today's tmj4. tennis star maria sharapova has won her appeal to court of arbitration for sport, reducing her doping ban from two years to 15 months. sharapova's period of ineligibility will now end on in april 2017.her original ban was due to last till january 2018.she said she took a heart disease drug and was unaware the drug had been added to the world anti-doping agency's banned list. surveillance video from a washington state pot shop
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car drives straight into the front of the store and smash right through it.the thieves then run into the pot shop and steal whatever they could find. they then hop back in the car and drive away.the store manager says this is the sixth time the shop has been broken into since last fall. southwest airlines has rolled out another of its popular 72-hour airfare sales.the three-day sale began this morning with dozens of flights available for fares under 100 bucks covers travel from november 30th through january 4th through february on fridays and sundays are excluded.this current sale will end at the end of the day thursday. a-t-m fees set a new record high for the tenth year in a rate dot com reports the average total cost of using an a-t-m outside of your bank network is $ the same time they found, overdraft fees are down and free checking accounts have increased for the first time
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sears is reacting to speculation that it's looking to pull the plug on k-mart.the company's c-e-o posted on its corporate blog that k-mart's demise are quote-- "false and exaggerated."sears and k-mart merged in 2004... and the company has mostly struggled ever since.the c-e-o did admit some unprofitable k-mart stores will be closed... but says there are no plans to close the k-mart franchise. still ahead - we'll get a look at the markets this afternoon... and -- a novel event. sharp its annual luncheon... last year it was henry winkler... we'll announce this year's special guest... and how you can go to see him... coming up. and... need help with a consumer problem?our "call for action" volunteers are ready! call 414-967-5495... or request help online. just click on the icon... on the
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?? taking a look at the market
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sharp literacy is celebrating its 15th annual "a novel event" in less than two weeks... ...and there's still time to support efforts to build confidence and self esteem in children through gaining strenght in reading and writinge. president and ceo of sharp literacy... lynda kohler... is with us to talk about that... and the big
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sharp literacy's... a novel event... is coming up october 17th. it's at 11:00 at the pfister hotel. tickets are still available if you'd like to go... and you can get more information on how to do that on our website. look for sharp literacy in the links section
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this morning was mostly cloudy and cool with patchy fog and lows in the mid 50s, but lower 60s along the lake. today is partly cloudy and warmer with highs near 70, a se breeze, and low humidityhe pick day of the week! clouds tonight with lows near 60 and patchy fog.clouds, and humidity return on wednesday with scattered midday showers, followed by some afternoon
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warm and humid with highs in the lower 70s, but t'showers are likely in the afternoon ahead of a cold front that moves through thursday night. heavier rain is likely thursday night, and friday continues to see scattered showers with highs in the lower 60s. the weekend is sunny, but very cool with highs in the 50s, and lows in
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>> deimos: i assure you your business interests down at the docks have not been compromised. >> justin: on behalf of the kiriakis family, the salem pd has our deepest apologies. it was never our intent to put any innocent lives in danger. >> philip: it's all there in black and white. in the last 24 hours, over half the companies that do business with us have pulled their shipments from the docks we control. the longer they hold out, the bigger the hit to titan's >> theresa: did titan relocate its offices? >> brady: the power is out down there. all hell is breaking loose-- >> philip: thanks to brady jumping the gun. >> theresa: yeah, he was protecting his family. >> philip: he could've cost us the family business. >> deimos: all right, philip, there's no point in casting blame right now. we have way too much work to do. >> sonny: brady, "the spectator"


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